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Real Estate/Property

Here at AeroVizion, we assist real estate businesses distinguish their listings from those of their rivals, by providing photo/videos that showcase a complete perspective of the house or piece of property. We can provide you with the photos and videos you need, whether they are of the outside or inside of the property, shot from the air, the ground, or all three. The lighting, camera heights, angles, and even the music we select for the videos are all curated to give viewers the full experience and feel of the property.


Our drones have the potential to significantly enhance the monitoring, tracking, and documentation of progress during a construction project by providing cutting-edge visualization capabilities, aerial photos, and the capability to check assets with a magnified lens . We record projects from several perspectives, heights, and distances so that our drone data offers extensive panoramic viewing and can aid in identifying problems and issues that could otherwise go unnoticed.


Get detail-rich aerial photos to make informative & actionable decisions. Safely and affordably evaluate leaks, rooftop condition, and new installations. We offer aerial inspection services for government entities and insurance carriers. After a significant claim, we can be on site the same day to document the scope of the loss and make sure you are compensated for all damages.

Solar Panels Technician
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3D-Mapping + Data Acquisition

With the help of our drones, you can fill in the image gaps left by satellite mapping. These maps are produced using overlapping images that cover a specific area, and then we stitch the images together to create georectified orthomosaics. Manage building inspections, track construction progress, and record project measurements by creating precise 3D or 2D maps of your property or work site.


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