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Generate high resolution outputs for any project and use case

The geo-referenced orthomosaics contain meta-information that can be harnessed to generate        volumetrics, 3D digital surface, point clouds, NDVI Index Images and terrain models, powered by PIX 4D.


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Aerial 3D Mapping & Modeling

3D Mapping

With the help of our drone services, you can fill in the image gaps left by satellite mapping through complex 2D maps and 3D digital elevation models. Orthomosaic maps are produced using overlapping images that cover a specific area. We first use software to take precise aerial photography, and then we stitch the images together to create georectified orthomosaics.

Color Point Cloud

Color Point Cloud.png

RGB information from a raster is used to colorize the colored point cloud. Every point in the point cloud is given the RGB value of the nearby raster pixel.

Classified Point Clouds

Classified Point Cloud.jpg

The point cloud is divided into five categories: ground, building, man-made object, road surface, and high vegetation. The DTM generation makes use of the classification findings.


Orthomosaic 2.png

Geometrically corrected 2D picture map with consistent scale. Color harmony for aesthetic appeal.

3D Textured Mesh

3D Texture Mesh.jpeg

A depiction of a model's shape made up of textures, edges, vertices, and faces, of the images projected onto it.

Index Maps

Index Image.png

Our drone cameras equipped with near-infrared, combined with visible vision, are used to take photos of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). By detecting the present level of chlorophyll in the flora, for instance, the photos can provide crucial information on the health of the plants.

Digital Surface Model 

Digital Surface Model.png

Create a 2.5-dimensional surface model (DSM) of a mapped area that only includes (X,Y,Z) coordinates, which reflects surfaces of all elevations above the naked ground. Additionally, there is a terrain model (DTM) and an elevation model (DEM) that can exclude physical features.

Contour Lines

Contour Lines.png

These are lines that accurately connect places with the same elevation. They make it possible to more clearly understand the topography (form of the land surface) on a map.

Reflectance Maps

Reflectance map.jpg

The reflectance values of every pixel and piece of geometry are combined into a single function to form a reflectance map.

Powerful 3D Models

Our team can create a state of the art 3D representation of your property. The model we provide is fully interactive, and you can use it to calculate things like volume, area, and distance. These instruments are perfect for determining the size of fields, measuring stockpiles, and pinpointing the location of equipment, etc.

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For You

Any project or industry can benefit from the information provided by our maps (support inspections, asset management, sizing raw materials etc).  At a fraction of the cost, we can provide an updates on your area of interest daily, weekly, or monthly. Thanks to our straightforward procedure and repeatable data acquisition, maps and models may be simply updated as frequently as needed.

For Your Client

Our data collection methods and 3D maps are designed to simplify collaboration with other contractors and remote stakeholders. With this advanced technology, you will surely impress business partners by showcasing our deliverables.



We capture high resolution aerial RGB, thermal, multispectral images, or terrestrial 360 photos, and our drones operate autonomously through Pix4DCapture or DroneDeploy, for maximum mapping accuracy and safe flying. 



We will provide you with an advanced 3D model of your land, created and exported by Pix4DMapper. We obtain results with sub-centimeter accuracy,

1-2 pixel GSD in X, Y directions 1-3 pixels GSD in the Z direction. 



Define an area of interest, select processing options, add ground control points or edit point clouds, DSMs, meshes, and orthomosaics. We also use the power of photogrammetry in the rayCloud environment, to assess, control and improve the quality of your projects. It is a unique environment which allows us to connect the original images to each point of the 3D reconstruction to visually verify and improve the accuracy of your project.


Measure & Inspect

We can easily and accurately measure in 3D surfaces, distances, areas, and volumes, with a fully adjustable base height. This changes the game for measuring and calculations made for infrastructure performance, building maintenance, or construction project tracking.


Collaborate & Share

Streamline project communication and teamwork. Selectively and securely share project data and insights, with your team, clients, and suppliers, using standard file formats. We also create detailed quality reports to examine a preview of the generated results, calibration details, and many more project quality indicators.



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